Jay Karnell

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Within the past few years I’ve been let down, snaked, lied to, stolen from, overworked, underpaid, fired, blamed,taken for granted, taken advantage of, taken lightly, left out of major business deals, ghosted, talked about, called out of my name, and many other frustrating things to name a few. These things have all been done by people I’ve loved, trusted, looked up to, vouched for, championed, fought for, worked for, worked with, covered for, built a whole career for, created a whole sound for, mentored, and taught. In spite of all these things I have continued rise above. However it did take its toll. It all does have a cost. We are taught to shrug it off and keep going. We were told that success will cure all things. Here’s the issue. Many have been blessed to achieve success and yet the pain still remains. So we continue to move forward while still feeling hurt and broken. Even worse, many of the people that hurt us never learn, or were never even made aware of the effects their actions had on us. Yes I believe vengeance is the Lord’s however there is still a human process of healing that naturally has to take place. If so, then that healing can cause great change. Here is part of my process toward that great change. I describe that very process as a PIVOT.

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    PIVOT 3:21
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    DRIVE 4:31
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    IDK 4:43
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    FLY 5:45